How To Get Your Own

This was my first project with data to come to an actual result. It's now running for a considerable length of time and seems to work fine. I've implemented just about all the features I want. But now a problem apears. Audioscrobbler allows only one request per second. This system was never designed with multi-user support in mind. Although it was fairly easy to implement, the nature of the system isn't very suitable for a multi-user system. Since it requires the constant monitoring of the recently played lists the number of requests to go up increasingly as I add more users. I've streamlined things a bit, but some time it's going to be full. And don't know when that is and it's not going to break all of a sudden, but it'll start missing tracks when it's busy. And I'll probably be able to support up to a couple of hundred of users, but I'm not sure if I'm even willing to go that far!

Install Your Own

It's open source! Since a lot of people came to me asking to be added, I decided to make it open source. Now everyone can install and run the system. This is the prefered way. You can download the source here: Real Time Stats 2.0.2
I've putten a lot of effort into the Read Me. Most should be explained there. If you have any remaining questions, problems, tips or ideas you can contact me. My E-mail is in the footer of this page.


You don't really need a lot on your server to run this. Only PHP and MySQL are really required and these are supported by most hosting providers. Resort to the included readme.txt for more information.
Created by Paul Cornelissen (pcmadman)
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