How Long Is Your Tail?

The long and short tail are the percentage of the total amount of tracks played that fall outside and respectivly inside the cummulative tracks played for the top-n rated artists. The short tail is exactly the oposite.
If that's to much to grasp at once: To calculate the Long Tail you take a user's Top50. Calculate the sum of all the playcounts in there. Then divide it by the total amount of tracks played as listed in the user description area. Multiply it by a hundred to get a percentage. Substract it from a hundred to get the short tail. Based on a idea by itazurada.
AEP is the is the brainchild of C26000, he wrote a nice journal about AEP calculation.

Calculate Yours

Use this form to calculate your Long Tails, Short Tails and AEP's. username:

Nancysstern has a 96% long tail.

This also means the short tail is 4%
His ALT (Average LongTail) is 97.79%

You can also include this as a image anywhere you like.
This might look something like:
My short and long tail are:

Use this BBCode:

And while I was on it anyway, I calculated a full list of tail lengths and AEP's for all the top50 positions:
Rank: Artist: Plays: Top: Longtail: Shorttail: Average LongTail: AEP:
1Walter Moers916199.8%0.2%99.8%5
2J.K. Rowling627299.7%0.3%99.75%0.32
3Terry Pratchett520399.6%0.40000000000001%99.7%0.2
4Cornelia Funke519499.5%0.5%99.65%1.16
5Die Ärzte513599.4%0.59999999999999%99.6%1.74
7Andreas Eschbach491799.2%0.8%99.5%2.41
8Frank Schätzing471899.1%0.90000000000001%99.45%2.56
9Stephenie Meyer468999.1%0.90000000000001%99.41%2.78
12Tunes of Dawn4431298.8%1.2%99.28%3.15
13Glee Cast4401398.7%1.3%99.24%3.25
14Dead Moon4391498.6%1.4%99.19%3.36
15Tito & Tarantula4301598.6%1.4%99.15%3.42
16Maria Callas4241698.5%1.5%99.11%3.48
17The Bronx4231798.4%1.6%99.07%3.56
18The Ataris4171998.2%1.8%98.98%3.67
20The Dismemberment Plan4162098.2%1.8%98.95%3.72
21Ben Hamilton4142198.1%1.9%98.9%3.77
24Henry Mancini4082497.9%2.1%98.78%3.89
26Manic Street Preachers4042697.7%2.3%98.7%3.95
27Galt Macdermot4012797.6%2.4%98.66%3.98
28The Pogues3982997.5%2.5%98.59%4.04
30The Prodigy3943097.4%2.6%98.55%4.06
31Daft Punk3933197.3%2.7%98.51%4.08
33Funny van Dannen3913397.2%2.8%98.43%4.13
34Die Höchste Eisenbahn3903497.1%2.9%98.39%4.15
35No Fun at All3893597%3%98.35%4.17
35Jennifer Rostock3893697%3%98.31%4.19
37Christina Aguilera3873796.9%3.1%98.28%4.2
38Willie Nelson3863896.8%3.2%98.24%4.22
38Tame Impala3863996.8%3.2%98.2%4.24
40Booka Shade3854096.7%3.3%98.16%4.25
43Candye Kane3784396.5%3.5%98.05%4.29
43Gabriella Cilmi3784496.4%3.6%98.01%4.3
45Operation Ivy3734596.3%3.7%97.97%4.31
46Anne Clark3724696.3%3.7%97.94%4.32
46Sufjan Stevens3724796.2%3.8%97.9%4.33
48Billie Holiday3714896.1%3.9%97.86%4.34
49Eric Clapton3704996%4%97.82%4.35
50As de Trêfle3695096%4%97.79%4.36

Created by Paul Cornelissen (pcmadman)
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