Your In Time!

need username set to the correct user either via GET or POST

This is NOT your graph, but somebody else's. Fill out the form in the bottom to see yours.Chart showing Your in time

Let me explain this a little:
I don't provide a permalink to this page, because it forms a substantial load to generate. Instead I encourage you to save the image to your harddisk and then put it online somewhere to share it, e.g. on Imageshack or your own host.

User: Any username, though some data (let's say >10weeks >5K total plays) makes sense
Leaving the options below empty makes a lot of sense! :-D
Depth: Number of weeks to go back.
Width: 250 - 2000
Height: 200 - 5000
Limit: 1 - 500, though 1-50 makes sense since >50 might not work and will often clutter
Threshold: Minimum required plays for an artist
Limit & Threshold, whatever is reached first of course

Created by Paul Cornelissen (pcmadman)
Visit pcmadman's profile or contact him at pcornelissen -at-
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