View the stats

Here are some forms to generate the URL's at which the resulting stats can be viewed.

A HTML based output

This was originally just to see if it worked, but I improved it a little and now it actually produces pretty nice stats.

A PNG based output

A example of PNG output This was my original goal when I started this project. First it was rather simple and just supposed to display the 10 most played artists and the total number of tracks this week to put in my 'About Me' on This is still the default output if called with no parameters except 'id'. Since then I've added several parameters. You can now choose between artist and track grouping, track counter is optional, limit the maximum number of lines, selecting of image width and week selection like the above script.
Grouping: by artist (default) by track
Hide Play counter:
Line Limit: <100
Width: >95

A Playlist

This is very simple. It just outputs a list of all the recorded tracks in a specified week or just everything.

How to get RTS >>

* Weeks

A little about weeks.
You can specify the week in three ways:
And a little more. weeks, the period of which plays are considered for weekstat generation is from and to sunday 12:00 GMT. (That's the only point in a week when it's sunday in all timezones ;-) ) But calender weeks are from and to sunday midnight servertime. This means stats will be stalled in the meantime. This is a consiously implemented feature and no bug. There are several reasons as to why; there is no significant amount of tracks played and always takes a while to generate the official weekstats. So now you can scrobble music for the comming week while you review the stats awayting the official ones.
Created by Paul Cornelissen (pcmadman)
Visit pcmadman's profile or contact him at pcornelissen -at-
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