How Long Is Your Tail?

The long and short tail are the percentage of the total amount of tracks played that fall outside and respectivly inside the cummulative tracks played for the top-n rated artists. The short tail is exactly the oposite.
If that's to much to grasp at once: To calculate the Long Tail you take a user's Top50. Calculate the sum of all the playcounts in there. Then divide it by the total amount of tracks played as listed in the user description area. Multiply it by a hundred to get a percentage. Substract it from a hundred to get the short tail. Based on a idea by itazurada.
AEP is the is the brainchild of C26000, he wrote a nice journal about AEP calculation.

Calculate Yours

Use this form to calculate your Long Tails, Short Tails and AEP's. username:

nemoflow has a 84.7% long tail.

This also means the short tail is 15.3%
His ALT (Average LongTail) is 90.96%

You can also include this as a image anywhere you like.
This might look something like:
My short and long tail are:

Use this BBCode:

And while I was on it anyway, I calculated a full list of tail lengths and AEP's for all the top50 positions:
Rank: Artist: Plays: Top: Longtail: Shorttail: Average LongTail: AEP:
1Giacinto Scelsi795199.5%0.5%99.5%5
1Lana Del Rey795299.1%0.90000000000001%99.3%5
3John Zorn773398.6%1.4%99.07%4.77
4Natural Snow Buildings767498.1%1.9%98.83%4.78
5Aidan Baker738597.7%2.3%98.6%4.63
6Hélène Grimaud699697.3%2.7%98.38%4.47
7Amon Düül II690796.9%3.1%98.17%4.5
9Tor Lundvall676996.1%3.9%97.76%4.55
10Sviatoslav Richter6681095.7%4.3%97.55%4.56
11Sol Gabetta6651195.3%4.7%97.35%4.59
12Mathias Grassow6431294.9%5.1%97.14%4.56
16Charles Mingus6071693.4%6.6%96.34%4.58
17Glenn Gould6061793%7%96.14%4.6
19Kammerflimmer Kollektief5881992.3%7.7%95.76%4.6
20Snatam Kaur5822092%8%95.57%4.61
21Jóhann Jóhannsson5642191.6%8.4%95.38%4.59
22Mstislav Rostropovich5542291.3%8.7%95.2%4.59
23Helene Fischer5512391%9%95.01%4.6
24Böhse Onkelz5322490.7%9.3%94.83%4.58
25Karlheinz Stockhausen4892590.4%9.6%94.66%4.53
26Electric Light Orchestra4712690.1%9.9%94.48%4.51
27Alexandre Desplat4592789.8%10.2%94.31%4.51
28Lubomyr Melnyk4542889.5%10.5%94.14%4.51
30Three 6 Mafia4183089%11%93.8%4.49
31Joanna MacGregor4013188.8%11.2%93.64%4.48
32Manfred Krug3953288.6%11.4%93.48%4.48
34Max Richter3833488.1%11.9%93.17%4.48
35Christina Aguilera3783587.9%12.1%93.02%4.49
38Art Zoyd3753887.2%12.8%92.58%4.51
39Dorothee Oberlinger3733987%13%92.44%4.52
41Bardo Pond3634186.5%13.5%92.15%4.52
42Tod Dockstader3604286.3%13.7%92.01%4.53
43Steve Reich3564386.1%13.9%91.88%4.53
45Pal One3524585.7%14.3%91.61%4.54
47Suzanne Vega3344785.3%14.7%91.34%4.53
49Bass Sultan Hengzt3284984.9%15.1%91.08%4.54

Created by Paul Cornelissen (pcmadman)
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