How Long Is Your Tail?

The long and short tail are the percentage of the total amount of tracks played that fall outside and respectivly inside the cummulative tracks played for the top-n rated artists. The short tail is exactly the oposite.
If that's to much to grasp at once: To calculate the Long Tail you take a user's Top50. Calculate the sum of all the playcounts in there. Then divide it by the total amount of tracks played as listed in the user description area. Multiply it by a hundred to get a percentage. Substract it from a hundred to get the short tail. Based on a idea by itazurada.
AEP is the is the brainchild of C26000, he wrote a nice journal about AEP calculation.

Calculate Yours

Use this form to calculate your Long Tails, Short Tails and AEP's. username:

jPeMelin has a 73.8% long tail.

This also means the short tail is 26.2%
His ALT (Average LongTail) is 84.22%

You can also include this as a image anywhere you like.
This might look something like:
My short and long tail are:

Use this BBCode:

And while I was on it anyway, I calculated a full list of tail lengths and AEP's for all the top50 positions:
Rank: Artist: Plays: Top: Longtail: Shorttail: Average LongTail: AEP:
2The Divine Comedy1681298%2%98.5%4.93
4Arvid Tuba1431496.2%3.8%97.58%3.99
5Gary Numan1397595.4%4.6%97.14%4.07
6Yellow Magic Orchestra1341694.6%5.4%96.72%4.05
7Laurie Anderson1320793.9%6.1%96.31%4.12
8Tom Waits1195893.2%6.8%95.93%3.94
10David Byrne10461091.9%8.1%95.18%3.84
13Nitzer Ebb10151390.1%9.9%94.15%4
14The Beatles10121489.5%10.5%93.81%4.05
14Der Plan10121588.9%11.1%93.49%4.1
17Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft9981787.8%12.2%92.85%4.17
18Siouxsie and the Banshees9851887.2%12.8%92.53%4.2
19Skinny Puppy9601986.6%13.4%92.22%4.2
20Talking Heads9252086.1%13.9%91.92%4.2
22David Bowie8852285%15%91.31%4.21
23Mindless Self Indulgence8842384.5%15.5%91.02%4.24
24The Young Gods8722484%16%90.73%4.25
25Einstürzende Neubauten8692583.5%16.5%90.44%4.27
27Olle Ljungström8502782.5%17.5%89.87%4.3
29enema & gejonte8342981.5%18.5%89.31%4.32
30The Magnetic Fields8133081%19%89.03%4.32
31The Residents7973180.6%19.4%88.76%4.33
32The The7223280.2%19.8%88.49%4.29
33John Williams7143379.7%20.3%88.22%4.3
34The Smiths7053479.3%20.7%87.96%4.3
35Depeche Mode6763578.9%21.1%87.7%4.3
37Mick Harvey6393778.2%21.8%87.2%4.3
39Pet Shop Boys6233977.4%22.6%86.71%4.31
40Desmond Dekker6124077.1%22.9%86.47%4.31
41Front 2426034176.7%23.3%86.23%4.32
42Blue for Two5984276.4%23.6%85.99%4.32
43Stevie Wonder5884376%24%85.76%4.33
44Kate Bush5724475.7%24.3%85.53%4.33
46Analogue Media5464675.1%24.9%85.08%4.33
47Roxy Music5344774.7%25.3%84.86%4.33
49Primal Scream5254974.1%25.9%84.43%4.34
50The Knife5225073.8%26.2%84.22%4.35

Created by Paul Cornelissen (pcmadman)
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