How Long Is Your Tail?

The long and short tail are the percentage of the total amount of tracks played that fall outside and respectivly inside the cummulative tracks played for the top-n rated artists. The short tail is exactly the oposite.
If that's to much to grasp at once: To calculate the Long Tail you take a user's Top50. Calculate the sum of all the playcounts in there. Then divide it by the total amount of tracks played as listed in the user description area. Multiply it by a hundred to get a percentage. Substract it from a hundred to get the short tail. Based on a idea by itazurada.
AEP is the is the brainchild of C26000, he wrote a nice journal about AEP calculation.

Calculate Yours

Use this form to calculate your Long Tails, Short Tails and AEP's. username:

KakuCP9 has a 9.8% long tail.

This also means the short tail is 90.2%
His ALT (Average LongTail) is 29.17%

You can also include this as a image anywhere you like.
This might look something like:
My short and long tail are:

Use this BBCode:

And while I was on it anyway, I calculated a full list of tail lengths and AEP's for all the top50 positions:
Rank: Artist: Plays: Top: Longtail: Shorttail: Average LongTail: AEP:
3Story of the Year8872372.1%27.9%79.93%1.13
5Number One Gun5574560.4%39.6%73.06%0.52
6Panic! at the Disco5251656%44%70.22%0.82
8Eye Alaska3459849%51%65.28%0.65
9Linkin Park3427946.1%53.9%63.14%0.87
1030 Seconds to Mars22731044.2%55.8%61.25%0.58
12Fall Out Boy21241240.6%59.4%57.96%0.79
13Search The City20871338.8%61.2%56.48%0.9
14The Upset Victory20471437.1%62.9%55.1%1
18Craig David17571831%69%50.23%1.27
19Hands Like Houses16281929.6%70.4%49.15%1.3
21The Audition13162127.4%72.6%47.13%1.32
23Sent By Ravens12322325.2%74.8%45.27%1.4
25Jamie's Elsewhere10852523.4%76.6%43.56%1.45
26The Starting Line10802622.5%77.5%42.75%1.49
27Dance Gavin Dance10462721.6%78.4%41.96%1.52
28There for Tomorrow10062820.7%79.3%41.2%1.55
30Secret And Whisper9743019.1%80.9%39.76%1.61
31Let's Get It9643118.3%81.7%39.06%1.64
32Sleeping with Sirens9533217.5%82.5%38.39%1.67
34The Dangerous Summer7553416.1%83.9%37.1%1.67
35Roy English6673515.6%84.4%36.49%1.67
37Isles & Glaciers6373714.5%85.5%35.31%1.71
38Sleep for Sleepers5493814%86%34.75%1.71
39Take Cover5343913.6%86.4%34.21%1.72
40Swimming with Dolphins5164013.1%86.9%33.68%1.73
41HOME MADE 家族4964112.7%87.3%33.17%1.74
41Jonny Craig4964212.3%87.7%32.67%1.76
43The Classic Crime4504311.9%88.1%32.19%1.76
44Waking Ashland4224411.6%88.4%31.72%1.77
45Red Hot Chili Peppers3774511.3%88.7%31.27%1.77
46Daft Punk3694610.9%89.1%30.82%1.78
48The Lives of Famous Men3624810.3%89.7%29.98%1.8
49Kozue Takada3234910.1%89.9%29.57%1.8
50Kelli Ali308509.8%90.2%29.17%1.8

Created by Paul Cornelissen (pcmadman)
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